Projecting activities

Projecting activities

Transportation structures projecting

We process projects of roads in all stages of project documentation (study, planning permission documentation, building or common permit, implementation documentation). In the company of GEOREAL Ltd. we deal with projecting of newly planned constructions or reconstructions of already built structures. We ensure complete project elaboration of road structures including connected building constructions needed for the structure implementation. For road construction investors we provide full project documentation according to going legislative.

Transportation structures probe

Within preparation works for project documentation elaboration we are capable of providing all documentation and probes corresponding with character and requirements of given structure.

It concerns especially:

    • geodetic works (topography and altimetry at desired extent)
    • map docs, cadastral map
    • existing buried services probe
    • engineering-geological survey
    • dendrologic examination of chopped wood
    • zone planning documentation
    • bridge inspection (main, regular, nonscheduled)

Road projecting

We ensure complex processing of road constructions inclusive of connected professions such as bridge and wall buildings, water management structures, electric engineering or communication constructions, pipeline structures, land consolidation structures).

Project documentation is elaborated for new constructions or reconstructions or repair of existing roads such as:

    • main roads
    • B roads
    • sidewalks, paths for walkers or cycle tracks
    • access roads (field or forest paths)
    • reinforced or parking lots

Counselling and engineering activities

We can assist to optimal procedure finding concerning construction preparation even in the phase of planning whereas we can provide technical solution for planning or building permit proceeding strategy.

All project documentation is necessary to be conferred with all concerned governmental and self-governmental bureaus and affected underground utilities keepers. We guarantee official hearing of all elaborated projects based on investor requirements or within the extent given by concerned building authority so that the issued ruling could be used for other purposes such as planning, building or shared permission.

Authorized supervision of building process

We provide authorized supervision through construction process. Authorized supervision of a projector includes a processing of documentation used for building permit or building execution materials verifying that all was carried out according planning documents.

Authorized supervision of building process means checking that all construction works are executed strictly according to the project documentation. Within supervision there is carried out amendments or alternative solutions approval, participation at checking days is essential etc.

Water management structures

We ensure complete services in projecting of water management constructions and landscape engineering from studies used as investment planning documentation to implementation projects, including authorized and technical supervision during construction execution. We also ensure engineering works for these constructions.

Water management structure studies

We process studies concerning consolidation of landscape water regime which deals with periods of droughts or floods or torrential rains. After detailed analysis of concerned territory there is proposed optimal technical measures with regard to their feasibility and sustaining of complex functionality of the territory.

Revitalization of water courses

For water courses which were ever in history artificially straightened, or deepened and do not function ecologically or another way as natural water courses we can project nature friendly alterations including embankment vegetation.

Flood prevention

We process all documentation not only for linear flood prevention objects (PPO) and dry tanks constructed to protect urban zones and built-up areas from floods.

Technical solution of project documentation is chosen with regard to current land value assessment in order that the proposed solution does not obstruct or have negative impact on preserved territory

Erosion prevention

We project technical measures preventing water erosion affections, such as ditches, soakage pits, dams, balk etc. which are designed together with surrounding vegetation or petite features helping water retention in the landscape in order to create multifunctional landscape element. We also project wind-brakers which prevent wind erosion in planes.

Reservoirs, polders, ponds

We elaborate project documentation meant for building of new water reservoirs, reconstruction or renewal of dysfunctional reservoirs. The documentation is processed so that the reservoir would serve multifunctionally and fit the territory. We also work out operational and manning rules for water reservoirs.

Land consolidation

GEOREAL Ltd. company is able to process commissions for local offices of State land office and the company’s projectors design simple and complex land consolidations. New land arrangement project, digital cadastral map, field and forest paths planning, erosion and flood prevention measures a and ecological measures help municipalities in their development. Land consolidations also support zone planning in municipalities.

Perimeter demarcation

Land consolidation perimeter is determined by a land office in collaboration with municipal authority delegates and cadastral office before land consolidation proceedings. The perimeter demarcates a boundary of land consolidation among concerned parcels and not concerned parcels standing outside the consolidation.

The perimeter (boundary) of a land consolidation is specified in the field under participation of proprietors of concerned lands. This is being done during parcel boundaries course findings while the proprietors are invited int the field and directly there confirm existing boundaries or correct all discrepancies.

Proprietors claim list

It is very vital step in land consolidation. Proprietor claim is basis for elaboration of new proposal of parcel arrangement since this claim is determinative for proposal feasibility.

While determining proprietor’s claim concerning consolidation only proprietor’s lands which find themselves in the perimeters of the consolidation are taken in consideration. During claim assessment there is considered especially – land area, parcel assessment, by assessed land ecological units (BPEJ) and parcel’s proximity to a municipality land.

Public utility plan

Integral part of land consolidation is public utilities planning which creates a framework for farming land arrangement and is the form of landscape planning within land consolidation plan. It mostly concerns measures instrumental for land access, which means field and forest paths, then erosion prevention, water management measures and ecological measures (territorial system of ecological stability - ÚSES, revitalization).

If needed the suggested measures are complemented with calculations, necessary technical solutions for acreage of these public utilities. Public utilities plan involves a summary of the acreage concerning public utilities.


Authorized employees of the company GEOREAL are ready to give you any guidance concerning land consolidation.

Our form process land consolidation all around the Czech Republic and the acquired experiences from various locations enable us to provide complex and independent view on the land consolidation matters.