About us

About us

About us

The company of GEOREAL Ltd. was established in 1991 by a few formerly employed specialists with long-term experience in geodetic and cadaster problematics. From the very beginning the company’s main occupation was all works in geodetic survey and cadaster, firm also functioned as a realtor. In the following years the company expanded into special engineering geodesy field, complete land consolidation processing, aerial digital photogrammetry and geographic information systems.

In all its history the firm capital and personnel have been expanded in order that the employees’ know-how keeps up with the requirements of the most demanding professional tasks in all land surveying business. Nowadays we use the most sophisticated software and hardware technologies employed in land surveying, photogrammetry and geo-IT, such as products by the companies of Bentley, Trimble, Inpho, Leica Geosystems, Microsoft Vexcel, BAE Systems, Intergraph, ERDAS, ESRI and many others. On our website you can find answers to all inquiries as well as contacts of our executive workers in given fields who will be happy to give you all detailed information or satisfy your curiosity by answering all arising questions. All employees are experienced and qualified workers who are fully aware of all customers’ needs. Last but not least they are also guided to maintain and deepen personal connections which then reflect company’s results and image.

Certificates and authentications

Development in concerned fields within European perspective have grand impact on professional development of our company and its readiness for international activities where we accomplished many foreign projects in the field of mass geo-data collection. Our company has established and run quality management system ISO and has been certified according to international quality standards.

Research and cooperation with academic world

The company of GEOREAL significantly emphasize close cooperation with universities –professional support and assistance for students majoring in land surveying and geo-informatics is provided as for thesis ground work, internships, subsidized projects and so on. Fresh graduates in these majors are granted permanent employment in the firm structures.

Our company participates in collaboration with Research institute of meliorations and soil preservation, public research institute (www.vumop.cz), SWECO, joint stock comp.(www.sweco.cz) and Water-management and construction joint stock comp. (www.vrv.cz), in execution of research projects of Technological agency of the Czech republic within three programs of Epsilon:

no. TH02030396 THERMOGRAPHY „Exploitation of aerial thermography as new method for identification of water pollution from local or non-local sources“ (01/2017 – 12/2020)
no. TH02030397 HOZ „New approaches of revitalization of main drainage facilities with regards to drainage systems from landscape water retention point of view“ (01/2017 – 12/2020)
no. TH02030397 SEDIMENTY „Monitoring of volume and quality of sediments in water courses and reservoirs aimed at elimination of pollution from non-local sources“ (01/2017 – 12/2020)

Our company also participates and cooperates in solution of 3 research projects by Technological agency of Czech Republic within the program of Beta2: Project TITOMV703 Catalogue of users’ needs intended for progress of National infrastructure for geological information (03/2018 – 08/2019)
Project TITSMV705 United exchange format of Digital technical map (JVF DTM) (07/2018 – 12/2019)
Project TITIMV706IP01 NaSaPO – National group of geo objects (01/2020 – 12/2021)