Mass data collection

Geographical data and other information concerning relations and aspects in the given territory are used for decision making and evaluation. That is why there is emphasized quality of geodata and efficient collection. In order to comply with these requirements, we employ conservative data collection methods and the most up-to-date technological instruments and procedures available in our company.

Geographical information system

GIS implementation activities belong among the most important services provided by our company. These services include creating of instruments, applications and end solutions withing the platform ArcGIS (ESRI). When it comes to the ArcGIS platform our company is long time involved in partnership program arranged by the company of ESRI which represents worldwide community focused on ESRI solution and services development.

Geodetic activities

We can process all necessary documentation and material. We provide geodetic works in building sites, underground utilities, diagnosing of constructions’ state of repair, geometric plan, topography, altimetry, cubature and many others.

Projecting activities

Good quality project making can significantly decrease financial and timely costs needed for construction implementation.