Public administration

  • Technical map of regional districts and municipalities
  • Technical specifications evidence of municipalities
  • Territorial analytic documentation


For all kinds of customers in the field of mining we offer and provide not only standard works such as mining survey documentation administration bur also wide range of services concerning following activities such as geological agenda, mining planning, life environment and many others. Among our customers belong mainly companies in mining and refining business, construction and mining projecting offices, state administration (district mining office - OBÚ, regional self-government offices) and many others.

  • Mining companies
  • Geological companies
  • Building construction or energetics firms

TI utilities admin

  • Finding and survey of underground utilities
  • System for administration and evidence
  • Purpose data works

Crisis management

  • Data documentation for integrated rescue system IZS
  • Flood prevention

Projecting activities

High standard projecting activities always significantly save costs and time needed for construction execution.

  • Transportation structures
  • Construction support
  • Revitalization of water courses
  • Solar cadaster

Life environment

  • Forest comdition
  • Landscape development

3D documentation of constructions and interiors

Laser scanning systems enable contactless determination of spatial coordinates. 3D modelling, visualization of complex constructions and structures, interiors, underground areas, various terrains, and so on, with extraordinary speed, precision, complexity and safety. Photographed object can be pictured by software in the form of point clouds on whose basis model object can be made and it can be transferred into CAD system.

  • plotting facades and culture heritage sights
  • survey of inaccessible and broken spaces
  • construction-historical exploration documentation
  • exact documentation for building information modelling (BIM)
  • survey and processing of 3D models for archeological sites