Geodetic activities

Geodetic activities

Geometric plans

Geometric plan (GP) is an inseparable part of any paper documentation (such as contract) according to which is supposed to be taken cadaster entry, if there is needed to enter the concerned subject into cadaster map. GP contains parcel’s state of repair assessment (buildings, estates) before the change and after it.

Geometric plans of all kind

  • change of a cadaster territorial boundary or municipality boundary
  • parcel division
  • parcel boundary change
  • marking of building or hydraulic structure or their cadastral entry editing
  • determination of an estates boundaries during land consolidation in case that its results are not used for renewal of cadastral records
  • addition of parcels that were recorder by simplified method (land cadaster, graphic allotment, real estate evidence)
  • correction of geometrical and topographic estate characteristic
  • specification of parcel identification based on allotment proceedings
  • course of demarcation or boundary specified by the owners
  • definition of servitude extent related to a lot

Engineering geodesy

The department of engineering geodesy is made up by experienced geodesists with many years of practice in the geodetic field and authorized to verify results of survey activities according to §13 para. 1, letr. c) law no. 200/1994 Code. Job content of this department is not only investment construction geodetics but also other purpose works requiring emphasis on exactness, technological knowledge or nonconform attitude.

Geodetic activities in construction

Complete procuring of geodetic works in construction (family houses, block of flats, manufacture halls, premises, road or railway structures, bridges, underground utilities…):
  • altimetric and topographic survey for a project
  • documentation of a future building site surroundings
  • setting out of buried services
  • building of demarcation net
  • demarcation works during construction
  • survey for purposes of real implementation recordings
  • inspection and verification survey of structure elements
  • survey and calculation of ground works cubature
  • shifting and deformation survey
  • processing of geodetic survey part of real construction implementation based on required regulations (road and highway construction headquarters - ŘSD, underground utilities administrators, acceptance protocol…)
  • procession of geometric plan for finished construction and for servitude (easement of access)

Special geodetic works

  • detailed survey of buildings, structural objects or all premises for purposes of documentation and projection (including GIA, construction historical survey documentation, basic enterprises maps and so on)
  • monitoring for shift and deformation assessment of objects by a static or geo-technician
  • setting out of underground utilities
  • survey and calculation of cubature, volumes and surfaces
  • geodetic documentation of watercourses

Mining survey

For all types of customers in the field of mineral resources mining we offer and ensure not only standard works such as administration of mining survey documentation, but also wide range of services for following activities, for example geologic documentation, mining design, life environment and many other. Among our customers belong mostly companies performing mining and refining of raw material, construction and mining and project bureaus, state administration (district mining bureau - OBÚ, regional self-government offices) and many other.

Mine survey documentation

All works run according to the Reg. 435/1992 Sb., as amended. Our company have at their disposal authorized specialists Main mine surveyor and Mine Surveyor, who run all works for survey, processing and keeping, complementation and archiving mining survey documentation - DMD. Main outputs:
  • purposeful survey works and creation of purpose maps data/maps
  • creation and update of an enterprise basic maps
  • creation of print and digital outputs, special office works
  • processing of photo-document images of geological profiles and structures
  • ,
  • advanced documentation for processing and keeping of geological or sample taking documentation
  • documentation for mining projecting
  • counselling in the field of surveying and land register
  • 3D space analysis and territory visualization in 3D for decision making of concerned offices
  • material for processing of specialized documentation such as EIA


Space survey for needs of cubature computing (increments/ decrements) of matters we perform through the most up-to-date technologies – first of all laser scanning and aerial photogrammetry.

Thematic geodesy

Our company ensure collecting of spatial data for specific purposes. These data are mainly characterized by specific quality and the way of collection in order that they serve best for given purpose. Among the main spheres of thematic geodesy belong collecting data for large scale of specifications evidence (technical infrastructure, municipality street furniture and so on), then data collection and creating maps of enterprises. As specific sphere of data collecting there is considered sonar measuring and finding of deposit thickness.


Survey and data evaluation for specifications evidence. We process data of technical infrastructure (such as street lights, sewerage, duct, heat lines), as well as data intended for vegetation specifications, street furniture, property and others.

Our activity mostly lies in precise data collecting for given specifications and validation of their features by data from field research. Other specifications information for the features is added from existing documentation or can be added by the given specification keeper for example through specifications administration app.

Enterprise maps

It is a kind of purpose map created according to unified technical directions which picture in a detailed way objects and technical utilities on the ground, under or over it, in a built-up area of an enterprise or its concerned area. It serves for operation purposes of firm management, planning, projecting and evidence activities or for creating of emergency directions in safe and healthy work environment matters - BOZP and fire prevention.

Based on detailed aerial photography is possible to secure 3D geodata with high exactness. Together with detailed geodetic topographic and altimetric survey including underground utilities the 3D data form complex map source. Digital technical map (DTM) can be used for data processing picturing object of real world (buildings, roads, fences etc.) in digital form.

Sonar measure

Among necessary methods of data collecting belongs measuring of water bodies bottom depths or watercourses by a sonar and following processing of bottom surface digital 3D models. This info can be standard and vital part for instance for mining survey data processing purposes and even in case that such an organization is not executing mining in the concerned quarry any more.

Our equipment and experiences ensure data collecting and their following remake into any existing map and project documentation (GIS).

Deposit thickness findings

Combination of sonar, special geodetic (incl. terrestrial laser scanning) and photogrammetry methods we perform based on given methodology survey of water deposit thickness of ponds, watercourses and water bodies in general.

Our company is co-author of a utility model – measuring apparatus for quantification of deposit volume – developed within research project by Czech technological agency TAČR TH02030399 for any required pond deposit thickness findings.