Spatial Planning

Spatial planning documentation involve both territorially analytic documentation, which ascertain state and development of a territory, and territory studies, which document local modification options and conditions. On their basis there is handled land development plan, territorial planning documentation, their modification or local decision making. In all mentioned procedures there’s used wide range of map data and information on given territory.

As far as zoning plan is concerned we provide complete services ranging from creation, update and revision of map documentation and data sets intended for the application instruments of our product line Spirit ÚAP and Portál ÚAP. More than 30 municipalities with extended authority make use of our data and application services.

A great deal of data and information concerning zoning plan issues bring about numerous problems during their verification and transformation into desired shape and format.  That is why there’s essential to keep in hand extensive portfolio of technological and software means which is at our disposal. Apart from that we can rely on experiences of our programmers and analysts to create special-purpose instruments for automatisation of data procession. The output is data sets and territorially analytical documentation in required CAD/GIS formats and data models with high quality and information value.

For the use of project architects of zoning plans, analyses and town planning studies we possess letecké fotogrammetrie, products which bring the unique way of capturing of surveyed land. Aerial imagery digital technology and laser scan allow us through orthophotomaps at high-definition of 5-10 cm or dense network of points to analyze geographic relations and links of monitored phenomena and objects.

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