Raw Material Extraction

Various costumers in raw material extraction business can take advantage of our services which cover not only standard work such as mine surveying record keeping but also wide range of subsequent services for example geologic documentation, mining designing, environment and many others. Among our customers we can count in the first place the companies in raw material extraction and procession business, construction and mining design agencies, state administration (municipality or county authorities) and many others.

As for the data procession we use the most up-to-date technologies and procedures of surveying and geo-informatics in order to comply with no matter how specific requirements and needs of any customer. That is why we’ve extended our portfolio by specialized mining surveying information system DuGIS  developed by specialists from our ranks of employees. Apart from standard map and GIS services DuGIS provides specialized modules for secondary geology fields, design works, stock records, linking with other information systems such as land registry or SAP.
Based on the customer´s requirement we provide following complete or partial solutions:  
  • Mine surveying execution, update and full record keeping
  • Mass calculation and incessant extraction monitoring
  • Special-purpose surveying works and  special data/map creation
  • Standard mine premises maps creation and update
  • Printing and digital outputs execution, special office work
  • Geologic profiles and structures photo documentation procession
  • Advanced data sources for  geological or mining (volume) records procession and keeping
  • Mining and construction design data
  • Land surveying and registry consultancy
  • 3-D spatial analysis  and visualization serving for following decision making of involved institutions
  • Data sources for procession of specialized records  such as EIA

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