Crisis Management

Map data and information are essential for the crisis management purposes. On their basis there could be created hazard maps, computing models or analysis intended for emergency committee decision making. Such data sources are used by integrated rescue system services during ongoing natural disasters as well as by designers, engineers and scientists collaborating on taking measures cushioning or preventing possible impacts of a catastrophe.

Thematic map data sets used for crisis management purposes couldn’t be formed without aerial photography, photogrammetry and laser scan. as data collection method.  To the maximum extent there is used their unique features – contactlessness, data collection speed, scalability, detail measure, involve land extent and many others.

During planning and decision making there is necessary both updated and historical data. On their basis it’s possible to break down effects and impacts and use the findings for accuracy improvement of computing models or proposed measures.  Along with modern GIS instruments for geographic data procession and fine map data sources we can keep possible hazards and impacts to the minimum.

Our company can fulfil its potential of the most up-to-date data collection and procession technologies in order to provide complete services for management crisis.

  • Natural disasters
    • Floods
    • Conflagrations
    • Erosion hazards
  • Safety riks
  • and so on.

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