Agriculture is significant human economic activity with straight impact on face of the landscape. That is why surveying data and information are irreplaceable and we are bound to provide wide range of products and services concerning this branch.

We are able to avail ourselves of more than twenty years’ experiences acquired through carrying out tens of land consolidation, contracts having straight agricultural impact.

Aerial Photography and Orthophotomap

  • production area (actually cultivated agricultural land) and subsidy policy control)
  • vegetation health status control
  • historical aerial photography time series  monitoring landscape development and its transformation
  • data applicable in so called "precision farming"
  • soil erosion and adopted measures effectiveness monitoring

Land Registry

  • land inventory taking
  • property maps
  • property borders setting out

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Land Consolidation

  • estate borderlines surveying
  • estate proprietors’ claims  and new land restructuring proposals
  • commonable utilities plan  - dirt roads plan, anti-erosion, water management and environmental protection measures and so on.

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