Special Survey

Special geodesy (engineering surveying) department employs adept surveyors with long-term experience in this line of work. They are all certified to verify surveying data as the law requires (No. 200/1994 of the Code, article 13, paragraph 1, letter c)). The job content of this department cover both geodetic activities in investment construction and other special-purpose works which request precision, technological skills and unorthodox approach.

Surveying in Investment Construction

  • small constructions (family houses, garages etc.)
  • medium and large constructions (block of flats, industrial premises etc.)
  • road and other line constructions
  • engineering networks

Special-purpose geodesy

  • geodetic data for technical and operational records of watercourses
  • surveying and mass calculation
  • detailed surveying of building constructions and other kinds of constructions for the purposes of designing and documentation
  • surveying of construction buildings shifts and deformation
  • surveying of engineering networks needed for administrator information systems or their creating
  • surveying and procession of technical maps for municipalities
  • surveying and procession of technical maps for plants













Karel Vondráček

Ing. René Duras
Engineering Geodesy
Special Survey
Phone +420 373 733 431

Engineering surveying

  • surveying for designing
  • current terrain surveying
  • building site setting-out
  • engineering network alignment
  • topographic and altimetric surveying and setting-out

Laser Scan

  • locality surveying  (including preparatory works such as  ground points measurements and basic coordinate system data processing (point cloud XYZ, texture, photography..) with the help of  3-D terrestrial laser-scan
  • thematic output and data processing tailored to our costumer’s requirements