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Karel Vondráček

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Land Consolidation Projects

GEOREAL Ltd. is amongst the first companies in our country which deal with reparcelling projects. In this field we belong to the biggest and the most successful firms in the market. All activities within land consolidation projects are carried out by competent and trained workers. There are 40 employees at our disposal as for this part of our services therefore we are able to solve all the matters within a particular project.

Sorts of Land Consolidation

The issues of land consolidation is specified in the land consolidation law No. 139/2002 of the Code including later amendments and the implementing regulation No. 545/2002.These legal documents two basic form of land consolidation – Complex Land Consolidation (CLC) and Simple Land Consolidation (SLC). Each of these forms is used for different kind of land consolidation purposes and determines their processing, extent, expenses, controlling and decision making.

Complex Land Consolidation

The heading itself implies that not only single-purpose but complex solution is concerned. It usually affects all particular cadastral unit excluding built up areas or areas intended for these purposes and large forests. Complex land consolidation according to the law and public interest reparcels the land in term of space and its function, consolidates or parcels out estates in order that estate use and its bordering allow rational property management. In this spirit there are solved land property issues such as servitudes. Another aspect of land consolidation is an environment improvement, land resources melioration and protection, water management and landscape ecology. Landscape consolidation serves for land registry and zoning plan.

Simple Land Consolidation

Unlike complex land consolidation here is solved just certain smaller location and single-purpose solution with limited consequences is concerned. This consolidation is usually launched in order to secure certain economical needs (such as prompt consolidation of a piece of land, making it accessible) or landscape ecology needs (such as protection from local soil erosion or floods) or when reparcelling concerns just parts of cadaster unit (for example as a result of construction works). Simple land consolidation might concern land allocation issues as well. In this case it provides allocation specifications or their rearrangements according to the legislation. Controlling and project work within such single-purpose consolidations are simple and less time demanding.

Parties to Land Consolidation

The participants in land consolidation are the land proprietors and juridical or natural persons whose proprietary or other real rights could be affected by reparcelling. A participant whose identity or whereabouts are unknown is represented by a trustee (it might be municipal authority). Certified inheritors or an assigned trustee might act on behalf of a deceased proprietor. A municipal authority become a regular participant in land consolidation as well as a group of elected land proprietors representatives who help with land consolidation administrating and have their say in planning common utilities.

Land consolidation administrating requires from the parties to participate actively in order that the reparcelling provider is enabled to respond to their objection as early as through the consolidation procession. Active participation of all parties involved in reparcelling could prevent any later misunderstanding.

Land Consolidation Stages

Complex land consolidation requires following stages. Active participation of any involved proprietor counts for much at certain stages.

  1. Data and Current State Assessment
  2. Initial Appointment
  3. Imaging the land of interest
  4. Consolidated Land Perimeters Inquiry
  5. Common Utilities Planning
  6. Land Proprietors Claims
  7. New Reparcelling Proposal
  8. Final Appointment
  9. New Digital Cadastre Map
  10. New Estates Demarcation

Human Resources and Contacts

GEOREAL Ltd. has 40 people at their disposal who deal with the land consolidation issues. All involved workers are skilled and competent enough to perform whatever is required through the process of reparcelling.  The employees reached either university or high school degree. Given the capacity of the company and work in progress provided by the firm the employees are distributed in certain departments which are specialized in just certain from the range of services rendered.

Land Consolidation Design Consultants

Surveying and Land Registry

Vladimíra Vondráčková


Ing. Vladimíra Vondráčková

Martin Vondráček


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