Photogrammetric survey enables quite fast and efficient acquiring of 2D/3D (planimetric and  altimetric) data and information related to a certain instant of time. Photogrammetric survey output is a 2D/3D vector drawing in various CAD and GIS formats. Photogrammetric survey can contain bird’s eye view of all visible planimetric and altimetric elements on the surface as needed and required by a costumer. The data can be enriched with attributes acquired by automatic methods through data evaluation and completion.

VHigh accuracy and velocity of 3D data creating predetermine this method to be used in various walks of life.

  • topographic and thematic land assessment
  • technical municipality maps
  • exploration and implementation material
  • engineering activities – construction implementation supervising and documentation (mass calculation, angle of repose etc.
  • data structures updating
  • and so forth.

Data Formats

  • CAD - *.dgn v7, *.dgn v8, *.dwg, *.dxf
  • GIS - *.shp, Esri geodatabase, …