Orthophotomap is currently the most well-known and applied instrument of aerial photogrammetry. It presents a mosaic of aerial survey images which are placed in the coordinate system (XYZ-scale = accurate survey) and corrected (redrawn) with true height ratio of the surveyed territory (terrain orthographic projection). True and plain landscape picturing, high information value and numerous captured details - those are attributes which make this method a unique map material and information source.

Orthophotomap is an ideal mapping instrument and as a GIS product it is suitable for all walks of life which can find use for geographic data and information.

  • planning and exploration
  • designing
  • supervising
  • land and premises administration

Ortofotomapa územního celku Ortofotomapa v rozlišení 5cm Ortofotomapa v infračerveném spektru - zdravotní stav lesa

The transformation of aerial images into the shape of a likeable seamless orthophotomap of a surveyed area requires taking a few partial steps which can have a crucial impact on the end product. Information value of an orthophotomap (resolution) hangs on the aerial imagery features, an orthophotomap accuracy results from an aerial triangulation and a terrain digital model, coloring and perfection of final image is given by radiometric retouch. The best possible result is achieved with the help of the most updated technologies and software.

Orthophotomaps of your choice

  • any extent of surveyed area – from a town to the whole district
  • wide range of resolution – from 3 cm to tens of centimeters
  • visible spectrum (RGB)  or close infra-red spectrum
  • variety of graphic format TIF, GeoTIF, JPG, ECW, …
  • TrueOrto