• 23.06.2014

    The 2013 Floods

    Our company has been recently assigned to take a large number of aerial pictures of the watercourses afflicted by the floods for the use of emergency committees or the state administration and we managed it in considerably small amount of time given the adversary conditions. We’ve been operating within the Labe and the Vltava basin areas – including the rivers Labe, Vltava, Sazava, Klabava, Blanice, Uhlava etc.

    The photographs were taken upon high water was reaching its peak. The aerial photography was executed with the help of standard ...

  • 19.05.2014

    UltraCam EAGLE Camera

    For this year’s flight season we have planned out applying a new large-format mapping camera Vexcel UltraCam EAGLE. It’s the most updated way of executing aerial photography nowadays..

  • 19.05.2014

    Pilsen Council Digital Technical Map Gateway Awarding

    At the end of the last year the project of Pilsen Council Public Administration Digital Map Gateway came in as the third most interesting project within the Survey of Public Administration Computer Processing in the Czech Republic Egovernment, KPMG The Best 2013.  The company of Georeal participated in this project with creating of a software solution for administration and record keeping of the digital technical map commissions and nowadays the firm keeps on working on this project as a provider of services relating DTM update and maintenance.
    The Best award is annually ...

  • 19.05.2014

    Spirit Orto

    Spirit Orto services are intended for issuing and distribution of a high-resolution orthophotmap. As a part of the service package there’s issued a high-resolution orthophotomap via web standards WMS and WMTS. Spirit Orto services allow you to carry out source data download or use web map applications along with reference orthophotomap material in order to create your own map configurations. There are not placed demands on end users’ hardware equipment as for administration and maintenance of the services. Read more on product ...