Mass Data Collection and Processing

Geographic data and other information concerning connections and relations in a given area are intended for decision making, management and evaluation. That is why quality and speed of geodata collection are accented. We are in a position to meet such requirements due to the application of traditional data collection methods along with the most up-to-date technical instruments and innovative technologies and procedures.

Aerial Photography and Aerial Photogrammetry

  • One of the fastest and the most efficient primary geographic data collection methods which allow variety of output (orthophotomap, DTM, 3D extraction). This unique method is based on instant capturing of the area of interest. The advanced technology provides high quality and precise geographic data with added value.

Laser Scan

  • The most updated method of data collection. We differentiate aerial and terrestrial scanning. The areas and buildings of interest are captured like dense network of points which is subsequently processed.

Traditional Land Surveying Methods

  • Traditional data collection methods have been enhanced with introducing of the most up-to-date land surveying apparatuses and GPS. We apply variety of GPS apparatuses which allow us to survey no matter how large localities in quite short period of time.

Data Digitization and Vectorization

  • Despite the ongoing technological progress this method might not be found out-of-date. On the contrary modern instruments and apparatuses we apply have brought a lot of improvements.

Data Conversion a Transformation, Analyses

  • Owing to the collaboration with our GIS specialists and variety of applied software we are capable of complex data processing.

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