Land Registry

In this part of our work content we have been considerably engaged since the very foundation of our company. All required activities are being executed by experts with long-term experiences who are always ready and willing to provide you good piece of counselling and help you find your way through land registry issues. We ensure all sorts of land registry works not just for state administrative or corporate bodies but also small-scale commission for physical persons. Professional and short time commission processing could be taken for granted.

  • Geometric Plans
  • Estate Setting-out
  • Cadastral Records Renovation
  • Design Work Documentation and Land Required Reports
  • Geodetic control

What is Land Registry?

Land registry is a data collection (buildings, lands, apartments) which covers its listing and description and geometric and altimetric specification. There are also kept records of proprietary and other estate rights consistent with rules of law.


We provide all necessities within land registry. It very often involves the issues connected with land registry administration and controlling which is quite complicated for ordinary citizen or organization to understand. Free consultancy which we provide as a part of our services can help to find your way through these issues and choose the service which is really essential. You can rely on high professionalism of our workers who will be helpful and always do their best to provide you real good piece of advice. It can save you not insignificant amount of your expenses and prevent you from wasting your funds.














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Land Registry
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