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GIS implementation activities count for the most significant services we provide. A part of these services forms instruments, applications and solutions creating within ArcGIS platform (ESRI). As far as ArcGIS is concerned we have been involved in the ESRI partnership program for quite a long period of time. It is a worldwide community focused on solutions and services development within the ESRI technologies.

Applications and instruments development we carry out is intended for desktop or website systems. Approachable user interface is characteristic of our final solutions which are used in public as well as private sector. Within the range of our services we provide an integration of final solutions into user’s IT infrastructure including following administration, maintenance and support. An integral part of our services forms counselling.





Karel Vondráček

Ing. Karel Vondráček
Executive Manager, GIS
Phone +420 373 733 456


Partnerský program ESRI