Aerial Photography

Letecké snímky

Photographer‘s bird’s-eye view of the real world around us brings in tremendous amount of information and data. Aerial imagery survey allows efficient and immediate collection of geographic data within a certain territory. Detailed, exact and up-to-date information and data are essential for professional decision-making and planning of our customers. We might take a pride in two photogrammetric airplanes at our disposal. They are fitted with the most progressive tools and systems which entitle us to offer and provide services complying with all quality attributes mentioned above

Aerial photography method and other surveying output alike are supposed to meet all required standards and be able to exploit all benefits this instrument brings. This is why it’s essential to analyze thoroughly all requirements and specifications with an emphasis on such traits which has an impact on information value and captured details of the photography..


  • With the help of our client to select the best aerial photography parameters:
    • geometric resolution
    • radiometric resolution
    • imaging time span
    • overlap values


  • Based on specific requirements to carry out detailed project plan with regards to certain aspects:
    • height ratio of surveyed area
    • restricted passages over surveyed territory
    • airplanes and sensors operational reach


  • Updated software instruments used for aerial survey images procession ensure high quality output:
    • The initial stage is to check taken photographic data immediately in order to eliminate problematic output (clouds, snow, out of focus images etc.) and keep data consistency. This examination is done within hours upon photographing
    • As the following stage we execute radiometric correction of the images giving it its demanded form..
    • The final stage is the data distribution.