Certification, Authorization

Authorizations and Official Certifications in our Company

  • officially authorized geodetic engineer (ÚOZI) by  § 13, para. 1, let. a), b) and c) of the Act No. 200/1994 (8x)
  • officially authorized geodetic engineer (ÚOZI) by  § 13, para. 1, let. d) of the Act No. 200/1994 (1x)
  • chief mining surveyor (2x) a mining surveyor (7x) duty execution by § 3 para. 1 of the reg. No. 435/1992
  • professional qualification for designing land consolidation by § 18, the Act No. 139/2002 (8x)
  • certified engineer in water management construction (1x)
  • certified project architect in ecological stability territorial systems (1x)
  • certified engineer in highway and building construction (1x)
  • aerial activities – permission to carry out aerial duties, aerial photography specification
  • the company has the authorization bestowed by the Czech Supreme Security Bureau for business access to classified information by the Act No. 412/2005

Certification by International Standards

Since 2003 our company is certified by the international quality standards EN ISO 9001:2008 and since 2005 by the international environmental management standards EN ISO 14001:2004 environmentálního managementu. These certifications are being regularly updated by audits executed by authorized companies: